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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Application of Hallmark Hotel Priority Card, Membership Fees & Validity.


1. How can I apply for Hallmark Hotel Priority Card?
  Simple fill up a membership form located at our Reception area or information booth and Hallmark Hotel Priority Card will be issued immediately. You will be eligible to sign up for Hallmark Hotel Priority Card only if you are an In-House Guest.
2. Can I apply for the membership card online?
  No, Hallmark Hotel Priority Card Membership is only open for our In-House Guests. You may make a booking online for your room and sign up for the Membership upon arrival. Hallmark Hotel Priority Card will be issued immediate upon check in.
3. Is there any Membership Fees involved?
  No. Hallmark Hotel Priority Card is completely free and is open to our In-House Guest only.
4. How long is the membership valid?
  Hallmark Hotel Priority Card Membership validity is lifetime.
5. Is the any expiration date for the points accumulated?
  No. The points validity will follow the validity of the card. Lifetime validity.
6. Can I use the card in all Hallmark Hotels in Malaysia?
  Yes, Hallmark Hotel Priority Card can be used in any of our Hotel Outlets in Malaysia Only. Additional Perks and Rewards for signing up for Hallmark Hotel Priority Card.
7. Is there any other perks when we sign up this membership programme?
  Yes. You will get direct 10% discount off the sub-total bill when you dine in at Hallmark Café. (Excluding Alcohol)
8. Can I still enjoy corporate rates after I signed up for Membership programme?
  Yes. We will also award points for our loyal corporate clients based on total invoiced amount. (On basis of RM 1.00 = 1 Hallmark Point)


Points Accumulation & Redemption


9. Can I use my membership card immediately after application?
  Yes. You may use the card for points accumulation the moment you receive your Hallmark Hotel Priority Card.
10. How are points awarded?
  The Points are awarded based on invoiced amount of the final bill RM 1.00 = 1 Hallmark Point.
11. How can I redeem the points in my Membership Card?
  You may use the points in the membership card to redeem room stay according to our schedule for redemption. Smaller items such as mini bar usage can also be used to offset your final bill based on 30 points = RM 1.00 basis. Points may also be used to exchange for hotel corporate souvenirs on display. (Except for Loss and Damages).
12. Can I use my points to redeem for other items such as Telephone calls or Laundry Usage?
  No. Membership points cannot be used to redeem telephone calls or laundry usage. It also cannot be used for loss and damages, other incidental charges or to be used to exchange for corporate souvenirs (Guest Room Items).
13. Can I still accumulate points without bringing my card in physical?
  Yes. We can trace your membership number using your name or NRIC.
14. Can I still redeem my points without bringing my card in physical?
  No. Our membership policy requires you to bring Hallmark Hotel Priority Card in physical to redeem the points.
15. Can my friends or family members use my card on my behalf?
  No. The card holder has to be present to use the card.
16. When will the points be accumulated / credited into my Membership Card?
  We take 2 days after check out for the points to be credited into your Membership Card.
17. Can my card be used on multiple occasions on the same day?
  Yes. If you have booked more than 1 room on the same day, then your card will be used for more than 1 occasion for points accumulation. This is also provided that the rooms are reserved and checked in under the same card holder's name.
18. Can I use my card to accumulate another room that is not registered under my name?
  No. The points accumulation can only be done provided the room is checked in under your name.
19. Can I combine multiple card points and use it for redemption?
  No. Points cannot be combined using multiple cards for redemption.
20. Can I use the Membership Card in Hallmark Café for points accumulation / Redemption?
  No. The points cannot be accumulated or redeemed at Hallmark Café. However, you will get a 10% discount off your sub-total bill after you signed up for our Hallmark Hotel Priority Card. (Excluding Alcohols)


Terms Of Use of Hallmark Hotel Priority Card


21. Can the points in my Membership card be exchangeable for Cash?
  No. The Points in the Membership Card can only be used to offset your room charges and mini bar usage. It cannot be used to exchange for cash.
22. If I were to book a room online, can I use my membership card?
  Yes. You can use your membership card for point accumulation provided you are already an existing membership card holder. Please present your Hallmark Hotel Priority Card upon check in for point accumulation.
23. Can I still use my card if I booked the hotel room via other channels such as or
  No. Our Membership Programme is governed by Hallmark Hotel only. Booking of rooms has to be via direct official channels such as Telephone, Fax, Email or via our official website.
24. Can the membership points accumulation and redemption be used in conjunction with in house promotion?
  No. Membership Point accumulation and redemption will only be based on regular rates excluding any other in house promotions.
25. Can Travel Agents apply and use Hallmark Hotel Priority Card?
  Yes. The accumulation of points will still be based on RM 1.00 = 1 Hallmark Point, however the redemption of points will be based on a different redemption schedule. The reason is because travel agents got a different hotel room rate from others.
26. Can employee or staff of Hallmark Hotel apply for the card?
  No. Employee or staff already qualify for staff rates and thus not eligible to apply for the Membership card. Hallmark Hotel Priority Card is only open to our In-House Guest.


Checking of Membership Points


27. How can I check my balance points?
  You may check your balance points by sending an email enquiry to with your name and Membership Number embossed on the card. Alternatively, you may also log onto our official website, and click on membership tab. Enter your card number to check on points balance.


Membership Card Replacement


28. What happens if I misplaced my membership card?
  You may apply for a new card without charges. However, transfer of points from existing card to current card will incur a RM 15.00 administration fee.
29. What happens if my membership card is damaged due to wear and tear?
  You may apply for a new card without charges. However, transfer of points from existing card to current card will incur a RM 15.00 administration fee.


Hallmark Hotel Membership Support Team


30. If I have other Membership enquiries, to whom can I direct them to?
  You may write us an email to: we will reply your enquiries in 1 working day. Alternatively, you may refer to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section found on our official website for quick answers.