The state of Johor is located in the southern most point of Peninsular Malaysia, as well as at the southern-most tip of mainland Asia. Hence it is the southern gateway to Malaysia. Johor is the only state in Malaysia with East and West coast. The state is flanked by South China Sea on the east and Straits of Melaka on the west. The east coast boasts of natural beauties in scenic beaches and pristine islands, while the west is rapidly developing into an economic hub. 


Johor was founded in early 16th century by Sultan Mahmud Shah, son of the last Sultan of Melaka. During its peak, the Johor Empire extended its reign to the Riau Archipelago. In 1885, when Sultan Abu Bakar became the Sultan, His Royal Highness transformed Johor from a plain fishing village into a developing and thriving town. Sultan Abu Bakar, which is now fondly remembered as the Father of Modern Johor, also developed other districts in Johor. 

In 1914, the British appointed an advisor to counsel the Sultan of Johor over matters of the state. This continued until the Japanese invaded Malaya in 1945 during the Second World War. After the war, Johor joined the federation of Malaya, which later gained independence from the British in 1957.

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